Featuring Amze Emmons, Yoonmi Nam, Benjamin Rogers, Nick Satinover, Christine Buckton Tillman, & Sang-Mi Yoo

Curated by Matthew McLaughlin

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination” Henry David Thoreau

“For to Thoreau the significant relationship is not that between man and man; it is the relationship between man and his environment.” - JB Jackson

Through a combination of print, painting, installation and sculpture, (Sub)Urban presents an exploration of the contemporary surroundings and the underlying psychology of our modern living environments. (Sub)Urban questions the reality of suburban and urban environments through humor, satire and irony. The artists exhibited explore the banality of the interior and exterior of our lives, through our homes and the planned communities we live in, explore items from our homes and streets through new presentations, bringing new context, and explore the basest feelings behind most people’s day to day lives.